Everything to Know About Rental Car Insurance On Credit Cards

Our trip would have been perfect if it was not that car accident

Travel and surprises go hand in hand and when everyone was pleasantly surprised that life would be perfect. Rent a car for a weekend pass with friends in a common rule in North America and that is to deny these things to the best of us. It is regrettable and sad if they do, but can be driving in a new city or a place more boring than listening to your radio group in popular music player until Monday morning, tedious work. It is often convenient to take your credit card covers insurance car accident, until the day you are in an accident and find out differently. So today I have offered to the protection of credit cards car forward and reveal important things for you the next time you want to consider a car rental.


There are about 80 credit cards in Canada today, the "armed" with a rental car protection. Add the fact that the average Canadian has more than three credit cards, the probability is that this type of protection is already very high!

Credit card for car rental protection: What is actually covered:

There are four things to consider when you offer a car insurance by credit card:

Many risks are not covered: Most of these letters that fail to protect in case of collision damage. None of the cards covers your liability (ie damage to the part 3), or injury. This means that if you go to the house of another person, you have to pay damages out of pocket. The same thing about medical treatment if they are not covered by public health insurance.

All vehicles are covered: If you want to protect all the "fun" / exotic cars, the cover is very disappointing that this type of insurance does not apply to vehicles such as motorcycles, snowmobiles Be, ATVs, mountain biking, etc. added advantage with minivans, are covered only as long as you use them to people, rather than trucking - well, not covered during the move from the old location.

Beware of sports cars and luxury rental car insurance coverage do not like expensive cars, either: In general, the threshold $ 65,000 and only a few American Express cards have a limit of $ 85,000. Therefore, there is no coverage in case you get a Ferrari for a weekend crash!

Time and Place: Always be careful how long you rent the vehicle. A few weeks is usually not a problem, but most maps do not cover more than 31-48 days rental in a row. In addition, the location abroad is important - most cards will have no problem with the U.S., but many have difficulty paying for accidents in Europe and Asia - need to check in advance. At the risk of the obvious, the most important: Do not forget the car with a credit card to pay protection: You need a confirmation that the rent was charged to this card exactly.

Alternatives to increase your coverage

If you think you need more protection than their credit card offers are not made or $ 15-20 per day for a comprehensive insurance offered by an estate agent, there is a better alternative. It is your own car insurance. Many vendors offer additional pieces of protection (insurance jargon: the driver), which also protect your car. That will cost you only $ 30 extra per year over the current fees. The choice of the protection of human rights, is par excellence. Our suggestion would be, rely on it always covers three key areas: damage, injury and damage to third parties.

In general, you need this protection while you are driving your own car. Why should it be different for the rental vehicle? Take a trip on the road safely!

Saltykov Alex is a co-founder and CEO Alex http://www.insureye.com/ InsurEye Inc. spent years consulting with insurance customers in North America and Europe, while working for a large consulting firms. His areas of expertise include insurance companies, innovation, information technology and operations.

InsurEye Inc. is a Canadian company, Toronto, Ontario. Its mission is to ensure transparency in people and ideas from around the safe use of modern technology. InsurEye offers two free services to consumers who are on our website can educate Insurance Toolkit section are:

First Credit card InsurEye Navigator will explain in detail what insurance you have on your credit cards

Second Peer comparison InsurEye show you what you pay for their colleagues in Canada by your insurance. So I understand that if you pay too much and insurance, you must choose to save on insurance!
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